Police Car Hire, Uniforms
and Props across the UK

Police Car Hire Alliance is a UK based group of companies that supply Police Action Vehicles Hire
and anything else you will need for creating a quality and trusted Police scenario for T.V., Film, Music Videos and Events.

We specialise in police car hire but we are able to provide various services for you production and because of trust between each other, we will happily work together to support your work.

Police Car Hire

Police Car Hire

Police Cars for your production, ranging from classic Panda cars from the 1950s upto current style high spec vehicles. We can provide both British Police Car Hire and American Police Car Hire for when a little beat car doesn't quite meet your requirements of a beastly american cop car.

Action Vehicle Hire

Action Vehicle Hire

Although as a collective we specialise in police vehicles, we also supply action vehicles of any kind. They include other emergency services such as fire and ambulance, military vehicles, classic cars, vans, electric cars and more.

Uniform Hire and Supporting Artists

Uniforms & Supporting Artists

Whether you're in the market for Police uniforms, military, fire, paramedic, military or royalty, our members are sure to have exactly what you need for an authentic production. Because of our large portfolio of supporting artists who have experience playing the role of uniformed services, our members will be able to meet your bespoke needs.

Prop Hire


Authenticity is all about the finer details and if you're looking to create a crime drama, war zone or military procession, we will happily assist bringing your production to the next level with some of the highest quality props that an Art department could wish for.

Police Actor and Weapon Training


Members of the Alliance provide focused training for actors on firearm handling and accurate depiction of police roles. Workshops cover character nuances across divisions, from C.I.D. to beat officers, boosting on-screen authenticity.

Scene Coordination and Police Advisor

Advisory & Coordination

Expert advice and coordination to productions, ensuring realistic and captivating scenes. Drawing on in-depth knowledge of police procedures and dynamics, they help craft scenarios that resonate authentically and engage audiences, from high-stakes chases to intricate detective work.

About Our Alliance

We went about creating the Alliance to support each other, share assets and provide each other with advice, which in turn alleviates some of the stresses placed on production crew. Some companies will not work with competitors which is in contrast to the Police Car Hire Alliance which promotes a collabororative approach.

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