JL Action Design

Based in Greater London

Where the art of combat meets the precision of choreography.

Founded by Laurent Plancel (B.S.R.) and Jean-Paul Ly, our award-winning company specialises in crafting dynamic and immersive fight sequences tailored to elevate your project to the next level.

With a foundation rooted in the UK but with a global reach, we bring unparalleled expertise and creativity to every production, whether it’s film, television, commercials, short films or proof of concepts.

At JL Action Design, we take pride in our track record of creating unique and award-acclaimed work that pushes the boundaries of action cinema. Laurent Plancel has recently wrapped his work as CO-FIGHT COORDINATOR on the upcoming NETFLIX TV SHOW “SUPACELL” (2024).

With notable achievements such as Jean-Paul Ly’s film “JAILBREAK” (bought by NETFLIX), earning accolades at the prestigious Fantasia Film Festival and his other project “NIGHTSHOOTERS” receiving nominations at the esteemed Raindance Festival, we consistently demonstrate our ability to deliver standout action sequences that capture the imagination of audiences and critics alike.

JL Action Design's Gallery

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