TV Cops

Based in Lancashire

TV Cops are a group of ex-police officers with over 400 years of very recent experience offering Police advice to TV and Film. Their skillset includes firearms trainers, commanders and operators, counter-terrorism, negotiators, nationally accredited trainers, Tier 5 suspect and witness interviewers, CID senior officers, public order and public safety commanders, trainers and operators, Dog handlers, National crime agency investigators, Air support officers including drone pilots. 

This comprehensive skillset allows authentic advice in any area of Policing to any stage of the TV and film process to writers, producers, directors and actors. 

TV Cops also offers a bespoke training service to actors in suspect interviewing alongside courses in firearms safety, handling and tactics. 

TVCops have years of experience on set, with one of the principal officers being a Spotlight actor with TV-credited roles. 

TV Cops's Gallery

Police Actor and Weapon Training
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